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You have a lot on your mind when you plan a wedding- let me be one easy step, no frills to creating a successful event

Wedding portraits and caricatures

Wedding plans, events can be stressful. It is my job to make your life easier. What better way to greet your guests than with original art.  Many times people will have guests sign the border or matte.  Or in the case of the portrait, a frame might suggest a nice touch as people walk into a church or reception hall.

Wedding Proposal Caricature

This was the three step process I recently did for a man before he proposed to his girlfriend. He wanted a romantic idea and used the plaza fountains as his backdrop. With family and friends hiding near by, he used this caricature to help him propose.  She said yes, the rest is history! I was very happy to be a small part of these people’s lives.

She Said Yes

He hired J. Ryan Landry and the results are in-

She Said YES!

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Other Great Ideas – The Finger Print Tree

Finger Painted Tree

This is a fun activity to remember the friends and family that attended your special event such as a wedding shower or even at the reception. People can dip their thumb in a colored ink pad and create a leaf on the tree.  The tree can be customized with dates, or carved out initials on the trunk of the tree with a heart around it.

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The best part about the internet is that it helps to conjure up ideas, and this was exactly an example of that. When it comes to framing and mattes, I always suggest people go to Michaels, JoAnnes or Hobby Lobby because there is always some kind of coupon available that you can download on your phone.  For custom framing and mattes I keep it local and work with Tiggy and Tilly from Leawood, Kansas.  Any time I get a chance to work with local entrepreneurs I take advantage of that.

But Wait! There’s More!

Unique gifts for your bridesmaids and groomsmen

Wedding plans and events

Glass art caricatures

This was a wonderful opportunity where a bride getting married wanted to give the people in her wedding a wine glass or beer glass with their caricature picture on it.  I have never done anything like this before. With that in mind, I was happy she took a chance and ultimately we ended up with some pretty cool souvenirs.

So whatever you have in mind, whatever you dream up or see on Pinterest,  I am willing to work with you on your special day. Don’t forget that simply hiring me for the wedding reception to draw caricatures for your guests is a great idea and unique. Guests get to walk away with a memento, kids are occupied, and just as much as it is a pleasure for me to do art, the guest are entertained as well just watching their family and friends get drawn. Prices start at $100 an hour and it will always be cheaper to contact me direct than go through an agency.

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