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The ABOUT page… who is this guy? I’m about to invite him into my home!!

As I prepared to write my “About” page, I read so many other people’s about page, I think forgot about myself?  [read in aristocratic voice] “Do I write in 1st person, or 3rd? Nobody likes to write this page. It should be filled with my credentials and accolades and impressive moments we brag about and pats on the back.”

I do have those.  But “those” are my moments so Check.  What else?   Well, if you find yourself here, Congratulations! 90% of my business is word of mouth and from referrals. I do not have the marketing machine behind me like some other websites- I just have the passion to draw. Would you rather hear about my schooling at Miami University or about some frequently asked questions I always get when I draw caricatures.  Like “How did you start- from the beginning?”

I started off drawing Superman.  Christopher Reeve was my hero (not quite on board with Star Wars yet- too young) ….   I was born 1975.  My parents, I guess knew I liked art because the pictures they saved when I was four years old showed the complete anatomy of an eye.  The iris, the lens, the eye lid and reflection, shadow. so from an early age, someone, somewhere knew I could draw. When I was in first grade, Ms. Council’s class, we teamed up with partners for a drawing lesson.  I drew a balloon with the reflection of a four paned window. [Read in a kid’s voice]  “What is that?” I said it was a reflection.  we argued… It is what it is… I saw a reflection of a window on a balloon.  She colored over my reflation. Filled in the colors. Well, I remember that day.

I grew up Catholic, and competed for the chance to draw the cover to the year book, every year.  I never got the chance! A much more talented artist named Doug Reif got the job every year, he was a year older than me. That was my first lesson in art. I learned in Grade School, that there will always be a better artist out there than me. Mrs. McAvoy was my grade school teacher. She was more than amazing  I hold to this day a deep appreciation for my first teacher, Mrs. McAvoy.  I reunited with her and her husband last year, it was a blessing to see her.  So remember! YES, kids remember their teachers. The most important job!

I attended St. Thomas Aquinas High School in Overland Park, Kansas. I was introduced to oil painting. I LOVE to paint in oil. You can mess up, sleep, and fix. It never dries. I was 15 years old (Mrs. Johnson, my hippy teacher- who bragged about going to Woodstock) was just  my teacher that  told me to paint something famous. Kids in the class picked at the time like In Living Color. I personally am and will always be a Saturday Night Live fan.

J. Ryan Landry is a caricature & portrait artist from Overland Park, Kansas. He had a love for art since he could first hold a crayon. Over the years, Ryan continuously develops his craft, and it is in his art that passion and ability are apparent.

Ryan first started drawing caricatures in grade school of his friends and teachers next to taking notes in class. Most of his early work has been confiscated and filed away in some principal’s office.    Formally trained in 1996 at Paramount’s King’s Island, Ryan continues to draw a crowd in his own unique style.    Ryan can be hired for both parties and commissioned work.

Ryan graduated from Miami University in Ohio with a B.A. in History and a minor in Art. It was sophomore year that he was introduced to Editorial Cartoons for the school newspaper, The High Street Journal. In 1998 the Scripps Howard Foundation awarded him for his wit and creativity. This led to publishing cartoons for the Oxford Press, Oxford OH and Sun Publications in Overland Park, KS.

In 2012 J. Ryan Landry collaborated with Robert Pollock to illustrate the political humorous book 101 Uses for Fired Politicians that can be purchased at Amazon.com and Barnes & Nobel.

By day Ryan works as a Graphic Designer and Web Designer and strongly believes if you do what you love for a living you never work a day in your life.

Charitable events have always been important as Ryan has participated with Big Brothers Big Sisters, Troost Festival, and The American Cancer Society. He has taught kids to cartoon at ARTichokes in Mission Farms and on nice weekends you might find him drawing caricatures downtown at the historic City Market in Kansas City, MO.

Creating amazing experiences for clients. Want to give it a try?

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