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Planes, Trains and Automobiles

by Ryan Landry on January 2, 2016 No comments

I have had the pleasure to draw at many cool events.  The Air Show at Forbes Field in Topeka. I got the chance to learn about historic planes, see amazing cars. Car people are fanatics. Some people put so much time and money into their cars that it becomes a crime to even drive them. And I never understood that.

It is a cool event for me to annually attend the BNSF Family Day.  People get together and on display are amazing trains, historic trains.

If you have a corporate event and need a little flash and you are tired of handing out swag – hire a caricature artist with your logo or promo on the bottom of every page. A pencil gets lost and a balloon gets popped. Not even a t-shirt has the same impact as a potential client drawn on a paper that they can show to their friends and may end up in a frame – with your logo on it!!


Ryan LandryPlanes, Trains and Automobiles

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