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After Prom Art and Magic

by Ryan Landry on January 7, 2017 No comments

This is my dear friend SCOTT HENDERSON, Magician. We have teamed up many times at After Proms, store openings, Christmas parties. I met his brother at Famous Johnny’s Comedy Club where we worked together at the time. Scott runs a tight act and is very skilled. Especially in up-close magic. He will literally blow your mind away. If you are throwing a party and want to make it memerable you should hire Scott to work the room and do his magic and I can draw a cartoon of the party goers and then they can take something special home with them.  We are a one-two punch and are sure to make your party the talk of the town.

Scott is not only a dear bud and friend, his show is clean and so professional.  To learn more about Scott you can visit his website here. Magic Scott!

These pictures were from North Platte High School. Scott and I teamed up and it was a great night. On the third picture, look closely. Two kids sat down and had a t-shirt on with a reference from the show Breaking Bad. I thought it would be fun to draw Heisenberg in the background!

Ryan LandryAfter Prom Art and Magic

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